Challenger Safes provides you with a wide range of safes and physical security products - click here to view our products

Challenger Safes is 100% New Zealand owned and has 26 years experience providing New Zealanders and their businesses with the right solutions for their physical safety needs. Click here to view our products

Sometimes a tailor made safe is what is required and Challenger Safes can manufacture what you need - click here to view some of our tailor made safes

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Challenger Safes:

  • Are 100% NZ owned with 26 years experience providing you with safes and other physical security solutions
  • Import a wide range of high-quality safes – from smaller domestic / business safes to large commercial safes
  • Are the only safe manufacturer in NZ and will tailor-make to your individual requirements (and comply with the exacting AS/NZS3809 Standards as well as European and American grading standards)
  • Offer you a wide variety of Servicing options relating to safes
  • Are a trusted supplier to Banking, Retail and Commercial sectors in NZ and Australia
  • Can provide you with a Safe rental for short term security requirements


We design/build specific solutions for our Customers including Electronic Cash Drawers (ECD), Cash Skimmers, Coin Cabinets and Drawers, Courier Drop Boxes, Bank Deposit Boxes, Coin Trolleys for Coin processing machines, Business Deposit Units (BDU), Drive-Through Deposits, ATM Bases, Chainguard and Chainguard ATM anchors, MoH compliant Drug Cabinets, and special one off projects. We also sell product from leading overseas manufacturers, encompassing the extensive Godrej (Indian) Security and Fire Safes Range, the Company being amongst a select few Security Equipment manufacturers to have their product Tested and Certified to both the European and American standards; the Mutual (South African) Bankers Safes, Home Safes, Jewellers Safes; Eagle (Korea) Fire Safes for Documents and/or Data Media protection; Tidel (USA) Cash Management "SmartSafes", Mutual Vaults, Vault Doors, Strong Room Doors, Record Room Doors, Transformer Room Doors, Pay Windows; Planex (Australia) Government approved Cabinets and Drawers, and Raminator (Australia) ATM protection products.


Member of the New Zealand Security Association ESSA - The International Association of the Physical Security Industry