Challenger Safes supply and support a wide range of physical security products.

They include the following building and equipment security applications –

  • Vandalism, Burglar, Bullet, Blast and Fire Resistant Doors, Windows & Partitions

The Gunnebo ranges encompass security doors, interlocking doors, security partitions and transaction windows developed to protect people, buildings and property, offering a maximum level of security for sites, staff and customers.

Gunnebo solutions are designed to provide the optimum level of protection against vandalism, manual attacks, ballistics and blasts. In addition, solutions are available with multiple levels of resistance for sensitive areas without compromising freedom of movement for authorised individuals or efficiency of operation of client sites.

  • Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HMV) solutions including Security Bollards, Vehicle Security Barriers, Road Blockers and Sliding Automatic Gates

Gunnebo HMV solutions have been successfully impact tested to PAS 68, IWA 14-1 & ASTM F2656 and are designed to protect perimeters and access points to critical infrastructure and  public places. Typical applications include Airports, Oil & Gas Facilities, Financial Institutions, Government Buildings, Data Centres, Military Bases, Shopping Malls and Stadiums.

  • ATM Raminator Anchor Systems

We supply and support the Lockit range of ATM Raminator Anchor Systems.

ATM Raminators are engineered to withstand repeated rammings with vehicles or heavy machinery with the aim of keeping ATMs fixed and unable to be removed.  Their unique design absorbs shock loads while reducing the lever-arm effect of heavy impacts.  Floor, side and read mounting options are available.

Please contact us for information on the Advanced Physical Security applications above.