Challenger Safes supplies and supports a range of quality automated cash handling solutions.

We feature Gunnebo’s extensive range of automated Cash Handling systems including –

Intelli-safe™ – Secure Note Deposit

The Intelli-safe™ Secure Note Deposit is an automated cash-handling system with an unrivalled level of accuracy. Whether you require a single note validator or a device capable of counting, depositing and managing multiple denominations of notes, the system can be configured specifically to your cash-handling needs.  It delivers advanced security along with time and cost savings.

Intelli-safe™ – Secure Note Deposit features/benefits include –

  • Greater security and reduced likelihood of robbery and theft
  • Operational efficiencies, cost savings and improved accuracy in cash handling
  • Real time transaction transparency with less shrinkage and discrepancies in till counts with cash only being handled once
  • Improved staff productivity and increased confidence in cash handling
  • Higher customer service and satisfaction level

Intelli-vend™ – Note Handling and Coin Dispensing

Intelli-Vend™ is a secure, cash automation solution designed to count, secure and manage cash in your business. Not only a deposit safe, but also with the added advantage of being able to control the dispensing of specific amounts of notes and coins, on demand. This controlled dispensing capability enables you to automatically dispense initial floats and top-up change to cashiers, resulting in smaller floats, reduced cash holdings at tills, and saves hours of management time every day.

Intelli-Vend™ features include –

  • Compact design ideal for under-counter installation
  • Quick Deposit Button allows staff to deposit cash with one touch
  • High-performance note validators with secure note deposit and counterfeit rejection
  • Load loose/rolled coin dispensers – up to eight dispensers per machine
  • On-board thermal receipt printer for change inventory reporting, deposit/dispense receipts and shift, day and clearance reports
  • High-security system – two-key access feature.

SafeCash Retail Station

The SafeCash Retail Station streamlines business operations enabling accurate and efficient counting/reconciliation, cash recycling and the secure storage of note and coin cash holdings.

It reduces manual handling of cash and takes back office automation one step further by improving both the cash cycling and your internal processes.

Cash recycling in-house also reduces the dependency on the cash-in-transit (CIT) services, greatly reduces staff time in preparing floats and dispensing cash, improves security and provides real time information for reconciliation processes.

Please contact us for the information on the Automated Cash Handling applications above.