From our Safe Lock Systems Partner Tecnosicurezza, May 2021

Our Range Certifications

Pulse Receives A2P Certification

We are so proud to announce that the Pulse Safe Lock system has been awarded the A2P Safe Locks Certification, Class B, by the CNPP.
A2P is short for Assurance Prévention Protection, and it is a safety and resistance certification issued by the French Centre National De Prévention Et De Protection (National Centre for Prevention and Protection). The A2P certification is a trusted certification which is applied to protective equipment which has been deemed to provide enhanced security through their reliability and resistance.  We believe that this certification is more than just further confirmation of the quality and reliability of our safe locks, but will be appreciated by our customers in the French speaking markets. More information on the Pulse Safe Lock and Certification can be seen and downloaded from the Tecnosicurezza website here:

Lighted pulse keypad

Lighted Pulse Keypad Receives VDS Certification

The new lighted Pulse keypad has been included in the VDS Class 2 certification of the Pulse lock system. The lighted Pulse keypad is a new addition to the Pulse range, which already has keypads appreciated all over the world for their elegant design and robust metal structure.  With the addition of lighting to the keypad it is now possible to operate the lock in dark environments.

VDS Class 2 Certification of TechMaster Renewed

This renewal required a series of re-testing because the VDS Certification relates to the EN 1300 standard and the latest update of the EN 1300 introduced some changes including a heightened focus on attacks using electromagnetic rays and the targeted application of electrical voltages.

Why choose Tecnosicurezza?

Adherence to High Standards

When you choose Tecnosicurezza safe lock systems, you have a guarantee that the system complies with all the latest security standards – the certifications we have achieved can be viewed and downloaded here.

language software setting shown on techmaster lock

New Languages

Tecnosicurezza safe lock systems are well established in several global markets, and as such new languages have been added to the software systems. Already available are Italian, English, and Spanish. Below are the new additions to each system.

TechMaster safe lock system:

One Time Codes web software DyamaWeb
Swiss (German)

Do not hesitate to contact us to know all the languages available in our systems or to request the implementation of a new language.

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