Cleaning of Keypads / Keyless Combination Lock (KCL) Dials

COVID-19 has fundamentally changed much of how we live and work right now. However, the health and safety of our personnel, clients, service partners, suppliers and wider community remains our top priority.

A good practice to limit the spread of the virus is cleaning surfaces, and among them, cleaning Electronic Lock Keypads and Keyless Combination Lock (KCL) Dial locks on  Safes and secure storage equipment is a very important operation.

Here are some suggested cleaning guidelines.

  • Lock Keypads and KCL Dials are generally not sealed units or IP-rated against dust and humidity.  Therefore detergents and/or disinfectants should not be sprayed directly on Keypads or KCL Dials.
  • You can use moist disinfecting wipes designed for the cleaning of standard computer keyboards.
  • Using the disinfecting wipes gently wipe the Keypad or KCL Dial in any area considered a touchpoint paying particular attention to not touch any electrical connectors that may be exposed on Electronic Lock Keypads such as audit or programming ports or Dallas key readers.
  • We would recommend such cleaning be undertaken on a daily basis at times when COVID-19 is known to be circulation within a local community. At other times – weekly cleaning is recommended.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us at or phone 0800-922 222 option 1.