New White Paper From ESSA – Deposit Systems for Valuables


deposit systems


ESSA has just released a new White Paper which provides an overview of several storage units for securing valuables.

This covers:

  • Deposit safes
  • Night safes
  • ATM safes
  • Deposit safes
  • Night depositories
  • Secure cabinets with deposit entry
  • Unclassified systems

This White Paper gives an overview of different security tests performed according to different European and American standards and gives an overview, which type of system protects against which type of attack.

The White Paper, currently still in draft, can be downloaded here.


EN 1300: Voting has started

As of 16 December 2021, the CEN-Enquiry on the new high security lock standard prEN 1300:2021 has started. Voting is open until 10 March 2022

If you have any comments, please provide them before this date. Comments in Germany need to be provided before 26 January 2022.

If you are providing comments, please see your local Industry Body

The following sections of the standard may have an impact on existing products:

  • Clause – the requirements for auditing events completely.
  • The new Annex B.3 – new manipulation protection guidelines for electronic locks.

In case you have comments, these should include a reasonable technical Point and provide a solution on how a specific clause can be improved.

Contact: Falko Adomat, Phone +49 69 6603-1952,


New Security Standards other then CEN

This section wants to inform the ESSA members of new standards published from other organisations than CEN.

European Certification Body GmbH has published a new version of its lock guide. In addition to ECB•S certified high-security locks, the document also includes certified locks from other certification bodies. The guide is available here.

The updated DIN 18104-2:2021-12 defines test requirements for mechanical burglary resistant devices which can be retrofitted into existing doors and windows. The changes to the previous version are small; only the references to the new EN 1627:2021 and EN 1630:2021 have been updated. The standard is available here

On the 1st of January 2022, Beuth/DIN will publish standard defining test requirements for biometric safe locks. The standard specifies above all requirements and test methods on assessing the FMR-value and the manipulation resistance of these products. Locks of the classes C and D need an additional two factor authentication. The standard is available here.


Trade Fair Calendar for 2022


International Security Fairs 2022 Introduction Slide Image


We have put together the Trade fair dates for the New Year. Many of the dates are still to be confirmed, so we have only listed those that have already been decided, but are subject to change. If you are looking to attend as a visitor, we recommend checking locations closer to the event dates, as these are subject to short notice changes.

You can download the trade fair calendar here.


Merry Christmas 2021

We wish you, your staff and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.