ESSA General Assembly

ESSA General Assembly 2021 Image

ESSA General Assembly will be held in Frankfurt am Main on November 3rd and 4th 2021. All ESSA members were invited for attendance on September 20th, 2021 (you can find the information on accommodation and the Covid-19 rules for the event in the invitation letter). In 2020, the event had to be help online because of Covid-19.

The event will be held in English; however, attendees will have an opportunity to enjoy additional presentation in German in the meeting room. The entire conference will be broadcasted online to allow you to take part in the conference online if you don’t feel comfortable in large crowd due to Covid-19.

Click here to download the agenda.

Like every year, ESSA General Assembly will start with a dinner at the Frankfurt Golf Club on November 3rd, 2021. There will presentations relating to the industry, regular elections of the new board and the activity report. The new ESSA project ‘Efficiency of Battery Disc Grinders’ will also be presented at the day of the meeting.

WG 3 Update Distributed Systems Standard

As discussed by CEN/TC 263/WG 3 in their meeting on 23 September 2021, a total of 40 comments were made by the European countries on the CEN-Enquiry on the new Distributed Systems Standard prEN 17646:2021.

Some of the changes that have been integrated includes:

  • Editorial corrections have been made
  • Clarifications relating to authentication of components and of the usage of passwords and codes
  • Increasing the standards for remote input units not as high, but close to those of EN 1300:2018.

However, WG 3 was unable to agree on the event memory override protection requirements. In an October meeting a breakout group will try to find an arrangement in an October meeting.

Non-binding insurance amounts update:

ESSA has updated the table on non-binding insurance amounts for secure storage units used in Europe.

To summarise the updated version of the table:

  • Coverage amounts of more than a dozen countries.
  • Linking of the sources.
  • Source information of the values and where the sources of the values are different the lowest listed insurance sum has been taken.
  • Some very contradictory sources were found for some of the countries. These countries were removed in the update.
  • Values were identified ins national currency instead of only Euros.
  • More descriptions have been added

You can view the table here:

Insurance amounts for secure storage units in Europe

ESSA Project: “Efficiency of Battery Disc Grinders”

Battery technology is ever-evolving, at the moment it is hard to say how modern battery disc grinders are comparable to the disc grinders of EN 1143-1.

Because of the back in August ESSA invested in a project at the Italian Institute namely “Istituto Giordano”. Five different 125 mm cordless grinders samples with varying batteries and idea speeds and several discs were bought ranging from below €100 to around €400. The cordless grinder are being perfomed against the two 125 mm grinders of EN 1143-1 and the oxyacetylene torch and the results will be presented at the ESSA General Assembly by Mr. Zecca of Istituto Giordano in Frankfurt.

Proposals for Updates to UL-Vault Standard

There are 4 classes stated in the American standard for classifying and testing vault doors and modular panels (UL 608) which was published in 1980.

“Class 3” is the highest with 2 hour protection where as “Class M” is the lowest with 15 minute protection. In contrast to EN 1143-1 tests with thermal lances or explosives are not performed.

In 1994, when the electronic locks were added as locking option, the last technical update was added to the standard (edition 5). The existing of 2004 (edition 7) is quite identical to that of 1994.

UL started a “Call for Proposals” on 22nd September 2021 for the UL 608. Proposals for changing clauses of the UL 608 may be submitted to UL by 22nd October 2021.