Sargent and Greenleaf

Driving Security Innovation for More than 160 Years.
Sargent and Greenleaf leads the security industry worldwide by combining technological advances with quality materials and the toughest engineering standards. Since the 1850s, we’ve partnered with people like you to protect the world’s governments, banks, businesses and home safes.

Uniquely Human-Focused Solutions.
Our breakthroughs drive security advances because we base our research and development on real needs experienced by our customers—and all of our solutions are designed to meet your security requirements. From home safes to the most sensitive government facilities, Sargent and Greenleaf builds solutions based on your needs and requirements.

A Legacy of Leadership.
In 1857, our founder, James Sargent designed the first successful key-changeable combination lock and revolutionized bank security. Adopted by the U.S. Treasury Department and safe manufacturers, the first Sargent lock set the bar for high-security safe locks.

After partnering with Halbert Greenleaf in 1865, the company continued to expand its visionary approach to advancing security technology with a focus on quality and customer-driven design.

Ongoing Breakthroughs.
Rigorous testing and higher standards ensure that with S&G, you’re getting the latest and most secure technology—not something new at the expense of your security. Sargent and Greenleaf continues to stand for the higher standards we’ve set from the beginning, with the highest quality mechanical and electronic locks for home safes, vaults, commercial locking and SCIF environments.