Chubbsafes Fire File 31″ 2Dr-120min EL

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Better organise your files in your office or home whilst protecting them from fire. The Fire File 31″ range from Chubbsafes are certified filing cabinets providing document fire protection for up to two hours. They are available in either two or four drawer versions and feature an easy-to-operate day catch to secure the drawers when closed. These filing cabinets do not have to be locked to provide fire protection – the drawers just need to be closed. Each drawer is fire-protected. Even if one of the drawers is accidentally left open, the other closed drawers are still protected by the built in fire resistant partitions. Fire File cabinets are constructed utilizing light weight construction methods which can achieve smoother and lower cost delivery/installation. High-quality steel sliders are used to ensure comfortable operation and full drawer access. They are powder coat finished for durability in a light grey and their modern design blends readily into any office environment.

Colour: Light Grey

Certified Fire Rating (Minutes - Paper): 120


Door Or Facia: Mild Steel with Composite Barrier Infill

Body: Mild Steel with Composite Barrier Infill

Fire Protection Barrier: Fire Resistant Barrier Material


Standard: UL72-Class 350

Laboratories: UL Listed

Dimensions (mm)


Height: 784

Width: 551

Depth: 779

Internal Volume(Ltrs): 136

Weight (kgs): 197

Handle Projection (mm): 50mm


Equipment: 12 months

Locks: 12 months

Dallas keys: Array

Dual Mode: Array

Dynamic Codes: Array

Remote Disable: Array

Silent Alarm: Array

TCP IP Network: Array

Time Delay: Array

Time lock: Array

Download Product Brochure: Chubbsafes Fire File 31-Brochure.pdf

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