Challenger Safes supplies and supports the world renown Chubbsafes range of Vaults and Vault Doors which include –

Chubbsafes Vault Doors

A range of medium to very high security Vault Doors offering protection for valuable bulk assets.

Chubbsafes ModuleGuard Vault

Modular vaults Grade 2-3 certified using lightweight panels and doors for flexible security enclosure construction ideal as a demountable secure storage facility in multilevel buildings which may have floor loading limitations.

Chubbsafes InstaVault

The InstaVault is a burglary resistant vault provided in 3 levels of security. The InstaVault comes in standard, extended and multi-bay sizes to suit almost any space requirement. Being modular you can extend, reduce and relocate your vault as your secure storage needs change.

Please contact us for information on the Vault options above.